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Crows Congress

crows congress graphics
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Crows Congress

••• Welcome to the icon journal of sing_song_girl.

•••Here you will find icons from various fandoms such as: anime and games, celebrity, movies, television, and more. This journal will never be friends only.

•••remember please give credit to either crowscongress or sing_song_girl if you're using any of my icons. Comments are nice as well since they allow me to see whats popular and what I should continue making.

•••please do not alter any of my icons, instead make a request if you have something particular in mind.

•••and, as always, dont hotlink! save to your computer then upload.

•••Current layout was made by butterflybox, header by me.

•••WTF does crows congress mean? A congress of crows simply means a group of crows. I thought it sounded interesting and didn't limit thought to one fandom.
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